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Reclaim Your Life
signature online program

For women  who are ready to shift from rock bottom to resilient on their fertility journey

Can you relate?

You’re overwhelmed by grief, stress and anxiety


You’re feeling isolated and alone


You’re exhausted from trying to control everything but you're terrified of loosening your grip


You feel like a failure as a woman, blaming yourself and your body for your situation


Your worn down by the monthly cycle of disappointment and you’re struggling  with no end in sight


​You’re fearful of making the ‘wrong’ decision, unclear about how to move forward


You’re desperate to get your life back to the way it was before you were trying to conceive


You want to be able to surrender but you don't know how

Maybe you have...

Read the books, done the diets, seen all the practitioners and spent countless hours researching online.


You've propped yourself up in the short term, only to find that you spiral back into grief and despair. 


Maybe you’ve come to the realisation that you can’t do this alone. You need someone who not only has the expertise and experience to support you, but you also want someone who has walked in your shoes and who truly understands.

If this is you, I see you.

This exactly what I experienced during my 10-year fertility journey.


I felt completely stressed out, anxious and depressed. My quality of life had all but vanished.

It was at the lowest point on my struggle with infertility that I made a conscious decision to take a break from pushing for an outcome at all costs and invest some of this energy in myself so I could  feel happy again.

To do this, I committed to using all of the strategies that I supported others with through my professional life and to start applying them to my personal life in earnest.

It wasn’t easy and things didn’t change overnight. However, slowly but surely, I was able to turn things around to the point that, eventually, I felt happier than I have ever been, before I had my baby.


With everything that infertility demands of you, it can feel too overwhelming to seek out and implement new ways of dealing with a the stress and anxiety of a challenging fertility journey on your own.


This is where learning new strategies whilst being supported by someone who has walked the path before you can be transformative. Someone who not only has first-hand experience, but who also has the expertise and qualifications to be able to support you in a meaningful way.

Imagine being able to...

  • Remain resilient in the face of setbacks and disappointments on your fertility journey

  • Feel fully engaged with your life again and all the things that bring you joy

  • Enhance the sense of connection you experience in your most important relationships​​

  • Transform your relationship with yourself from one of self-loathing to self-compassion

  • Make decisions with confidence; calm and clear about the path forward

  • Maintain a sense of equilibrium, irrespective of the challenges you encounter on your fertility journey



Relaim Your Life is for you if you're ready to...

  • Reduce the impact that stress, anxiety and grief are having on you without being pregnant


  • Shift your habitual thought patterns from fear-based to constructive and positive


  • Enhance your resilience, reducing the impact that challenges and disappointments have on you


  • Diminish the sense of isolation and the need to go it ‘go it alone’ out of self-preservation


  • Heal your relationship with yourself and your body (no more self-blame and self-loathing)


  • Increase your capacity to make difficult decisions about how to move forward on your fertility journey with ease and confidence


  • Expand your capacity to let go of control so you can surrender and step into the flow and allow the best path to motherhood to unfold for you


  • Unhook from pushing and striving and instead, explore a softer, gentler way of walking through life


The outcome will be a powerful shift in your mindset and mood, a sense of inner calm, the capacity to loosen your grip, and the ability to move forward with clarity and ease on your fertility journey.

Welcome to....

Reclaim Your Life

Signature Online Program

The ultimate program to help you

banish stress and despair on your fertility journey

and replace it with joy and peace

Why our formula works

Scientifically proven, evidence-based 

strategies that are practical & easy-to-apply


& soulful wisdom infused with

the potency of

eastern philosophy

Access to my first-hand experience of infertility + 20 years teaching

& supporting others

What's included

3 online modules - 12 sessions over 3 months

1:1 coaching calls

Group coaching calls

Workbooks, online training sessions, recorded practices, journals & self-coaching guides + tools 

Access to an online community of women who truly understand

Lifetime access
to the program

Here's what we'll cover

Module One - Weeks 1-4

Relax & Release

Relax your nervous system and cultivate peace, calm & stillness

The Relax & Release module consists of 4 x recorded online workshops that will give you the skills to un-hook from a state of constant fight-or flight associated with infertility and instead, learn to stay grounded, centred and composed irrespective of what your fertility journey throws your way.

You will learn simple but powerful  strategies founded in neuroscience, nervous system health and mindfulness that can be easily integrated into your daily life for grounding and re-wiring your brain and nervous system.


Although this module includes a stillness-based meditation practice, I offer a range of strategies that enable people who have struggled with meditation to build a practice, or alternative trauma-informed stillness strategies that are great for women who do not wish to meditate but who are looking for effective ways to experience stillness and calm.

Some of the benefits you'll gain from this module include the ability to:

  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety by restoring your nervous system to a state of balance and breaking the infertility stress-cycle

  • Cultivate stillness of mind, body and emotions through trauma-informed mindfulness practices

  • Increase your window of tolerance for stressful events so you can experience more equilibrium and less emotional reactivity through the highs & lows of infertility

  • Reduce mental anguish and enhance clarity, inner peace & wisdom

  • Apply a practice that has been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on anxiety reduction and that can lead to an experience of total release and surrender 


Module Two - Weeks 5-8

Recalibrate & Realign

Shift your mindset and harmonise your emotions


​Building on the foundation of calm and stillness from the Relax & Release module, the 4 x recorded online workshops in this module, Recalibrate & Realign, have been designed to support you with building the skills required to be able deal with the most challenging thoughts and emotions you experience on your fertility journey. 

This module will support you with shifting your mindset as well as providing you with the tools and wisdom to navigate those toughest of emotions such as grief and despair. All of this will be explored through the lens of both ancient philosophy (including a novel approach to dealing with grief and pain) combined with leading-edge neuroscience and psychological tools.


After completing this module, you will be equipped with a lifeline of potent & proven strategies to enable you to face  your darkest moments with courage, grace and wisdom.

Some of the benefits you'll gain from this module include the ability to:

  • Unhook from the impact that negative thinking has on you

  • Apply an evidenced-based approach to re-wiring your brain to shift your habitual thinking patterns

  • Face and process difficult thoughts and emotions through proven, integrated and embodied strategies to enable you to transform pain and grief


  • Tap into ancient wisdom to loosen the grip that pain and suffering has on your life

  • Shift your relationship with yourself from one of self-criticism and self-loathing to one of self-compassion

  • Transform how you experience your life, without needing to change your circumstances

Module Three - Weeks 9-12

Restore & Renew

Loosen your grip, take inspired action and sustain habits that keep you feeling positive and joyful

By week 9, you will have learnt through Relax & Release how to cultivate inner peace and stillness. This is in combination with the Recalibrate & Realign  module, where you have learnt to reduce the impact that negative thoughts and emotions have over you.  With the Restore & Renew module, you'll be ready to start applying strategies that will enable you to move forward on your fertility journey with more grace and ease.

To support you with this process, the Restore & Renew module involves 4 x virtual workshops that centre around the principles of learning how to surrender and loosen your grip on your fertility journey, how to cultivate more joy and contentment in your life before you have your baby, how to make important decisions with clarity drawing on proven decision-making frameworks combined with tapping into your intuition. All of this will be supported by building important techniques for formulating supportive habits and rituals that will ensure you apply all of the strategies we cover in the program and to ensure you're able to fully  Reclaim Your Life as you move forward in your journey towards motherhood.

  • Learn the elusive art of surrendering and letting go so you can walk your path with grace, flow and ease.

  • Apply a structured-decision making framework so you can make difficult decisions based on evidence and insight rather than fear and emotion

  • Understand the critical role that intuition plays in decision making and how you can tap into it effectively so it can guide you on your path

  • Cultivate the capacity to take inspired action that leads to positive outcomes rather than fear-based striving that keeps you stuck

  • Create space for more joy and contentment in your life so you can bring back that spark and reclaim your life again


  • Build strong, positive habits based to continue applying what you've learnt through the program so you can live a life you love as you navigate your journey to motherhood

Here's what you'll receive 
  • Lifetime access to 12 recorded online virtual workshops, sent to you weekly & accessible anywhere, anytime - value $1,379

  • 2 x  1:1 one-hour coaching sessions with me (use at any stage of the program) to give you individualised support  - value $1,333


  • 2 x one-hour group coaching calls to connect with other women and discuss applying content to your life -  value $897


  • 8 x powerful evidence-based strategies that will equip you with profound skills for inner transformation - $400

  • 6 x recorded, downloadable audio practices and 5 x video practices for you to use anywhere, anytime $349


  • 12 printable guides that will help you turn tools into actionable strategies $248

  • Unlimited access to me via email for 12 weeks once you commence your program $1,249


  • Access to the Reclaim Your Life closed Facebook Group  - value $397

Total Value: $5,903

Your Investment: $444 USD paid in full

Copy of TEMPLATE The Ultimate Workbook - Promo Graphic  BIZSISTER.COM.jpg
Your investment in yourself and your wellbeing
$444 USD

One time/once-off  payment


$5,903 worth of value for just

$180 USD

3 x monthly payments


$5,903 worth of value for just

This Reclaim Your Life program is for you if

- You’re ready to commit to creating positive change in your life

- You’re open to applying new strategies to bring about personal transformation

- You’re willing to practice new habits and put tools and practices into action


The Reclaim Your Life program is not for you if

- You are experiencing extreme anxiety or depression (please contact your GP or consult a registered psychologist)

- Your priority is emotional support over learning  (a counsellor can assist you well with emotional support)

- Your primary intention for doing the program is to increase your chances of getting pregnant


You're ready to join
Reclaim Your Life


You're ready to let go of struggling on your own

You're ready to relinquish overwhelm & anxiety

You ready to move past putting your life on hold

Sign up now for Reclaim Your Life and take the first step towards turning your life around and feeling like yourself again BEFORE you have your baby.


Group sizes are limited!

About Sarah

Sarah is the founder of Open to Life and is a highly sought-after facilitator, coach,  yoga teacher and meditation guide.

For the past two decades, Sarah has been fulfilling her passion of supporting individuals to elevate their lives in such a way that they experience positive transformation (including 12 years as Founding Director of Flourish Consulting). 

Her mission is to guide and support women struggling with the stress of infertility to reconnect with peace and calm,  even in the midst of crisis.

Through her Reclaim Your Life signature online program , her Navigating Infertility podcast as well as her blog, Sarah shares her natural gift for providing women with simple, proven strategies that help them to feel inspired, supported and able to move forward with clarity and calm.  

In addition to her professional expertise, for the past 20 years, Sarah has been devoted to studying and teaching Eastern philosophies and combines this with feminine wisdom as a means  of cultivating meaning and perspective through difficult times. Sarah is experienced with being able to translate this into practical steps that, when combined with evidence-based strategies grounded in Western psychology, neuroscience and nervous system health, pave the way for deep transformation.


A facilitator of 23 years, an ICF certified coach, a certified yoga teacher as well as a qualified meditation teacher since 2004, Sarah has also undertaken formal training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Ego State Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. 


How is the program delivered?

You will receive a weekly email with a link to a recorded workshop as well as the materials relevant to the topic for that week. That's 12 weeks of content distributed directly to your inbox for downloading, giving you lifetime access to the content.

When do the 1:1 coaching calls take place?

The 1:1 coaching calls can take place at any stage of the program that you choose but need to be completed within 3 months of the program commencing. The calls are designed to offer you individual support with applying the strategies in the program so I recommend you wait until you are at least 2 weeks into the program so you get the most out of the coaching process.

When do the group coaching calls take place?

The first group coaching call will take place 4 weeks into the program and the last one at week 9.

What happens if I can't attend one of the group coaching calls?

Both group calls will be recorded and if you know in advance you won't be attending, you are more than welcome to send me a question you'd like to raise in the group coaching calls and I will answer it in the session.

How much time will it take to do the course work each week?


The time will vary each week depending on the content being covered and how much time you spend applying the practices and building new habits. The video content will be between 15-25 minutes and it will then be your choice as to how much time you commit to building new skills (ideally this would be 20 minutes a day).


What if I can' get through all of the content within the 3 month time period?

You will have lifetime access to all of the content so you can revisit all of the content at any time that you need it.


How does the unlimited access via email work?

Once the program launches, if you have any questions about applying any of the content that we'll be covering, you can email me and I will respond within 24-48 hours to answer your question. This is an ideal way to get that personalised experience and ensure that the the program can be catered to your needs and situation.

How many people will be in the group?

Whilst numbers will depend on the suitability of the applications applications received, I like to keep the group sizes small so that you're getting direct access to me throughout the program and so our group coaching calls are contained and intimate.


Infertility is already expensive, is there a payment plan option?

Yes, you can pay via 3 x monthly instalments of $180 USD


Can you guarantee results?

Whilst I cannot guarantee results, I can assure you that the tools and practices I’ll support you with are scientifically-researched and evidenced-based. So if you commit to putting these strategies into practice, you’re giving yourself the best opportunity to achieve the outcomes that you’re seeking.

Register now to Reclaim Your Life on your fertility journey
$444 USD

One time/once-off  payment


$5,903 worth of value for just

$180 USD

3 x monthly payments


$5,903 worth of value for just

Do you have any questions that are still unanswered?

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