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Hello and welcome!

I’m Sarah and I founded Open to Life to support women who are on a challenging path to parenthood and are looking to get their lives back on track and feel like themselves again, before they have their baby.

I was inspired to start Open to Life after my own 10-year journey to motherhood which saw me go through IUI, IVF, multiple surgeries, pregnancy loss and eventually, egg donation and surrogacy to have my two beautiful girls.

After experiencing the depths of despair, I made a decision to draw on the skills and wisdom I had gained through my own experience as well as my professional life, and package it all up to support women who found themselves on a similar path.

Now it’s my passion and my privilege to help women learn the skills to be able how to cope with the overwhelming anxiety, grief and despair that accompanies infertility.

Through the Reclaim Your Life transformational online program, the Navigating Infertility podcast and the Open to Life blog, we explore the kind of life skills that few women are taught to be able to cope with the kind of life-crisis that infertility is.

I help to create a container for those darkest of places women find themselves in when going through infertility, holding the energy for women who are ready to explore what they may have previously feared to face. In a culture where self-improvement is currently king, I believe that self-acceptance and self-compassion are the real antidote to suffering.

My work is a combination of Science, Soul & Wisdom and combines principles of eastern philosophies (including mindfulness, meditation and yoga) with the best of evidenced-based neuroscience, nervous system health and modern psychology. I bring over 20 years of experience with teaching, guiding and supporting others, and I believe that forming an intimate relationship with grief is the only true path to healing and wholeness.

So, if you’re ready climb out of the infertility burnout hole and find your way through your grief so you can reconnect with both inner peace and joy before you have your baby, it would be my privilege to support you on your journey and guide you on the path towards motherhood with more grace and ease.

For more tips on all things navigating infertility, you can follow me on Instagram @opentolife_sarahreece, listen to my NAVIGATING INFERTILITY PODCAST on Spotify and iTunes or head over to my website AND for a scientifically proven FREE audio practice that will get you feeling calm in minutes, download INSTANT CALM now.


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