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Open to Life retreats are nourishing, soulful experiences that immerse you in potent wisdom teachings, enabling you to heal yourself - body mind and soul.

Whilst there are no current retreat dates scheduled, please register your interest and we’ll notify you when the next retreat is being offered.

Open to Life retreats provide an immersive experience to women who are struggling with the stress of infertility (including IVF, pregnancy loss, egg donation & even surrogacy).


Held by a nurturing, compassionate container, you'll have the time and space to unravel as you learn practical, proven methods for stress management when trying to conceive.


We'll explore and apply science-backed mind-body practices and psychological tools combined with  yoga, meditation & eastern philosophy to help you transform your being on every level.

This is for you if you're wanting to reconnect with inner peace and a zest for life again.

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