1:1 Coaching & Mentoring with me

Guidance and support that's tailored to you.


Coaching & mentoring is a powerful and collaborative process that guides and supports you through your fertility struggles, empowering you to positively transform yourself and your life whilst you’re in the process of creating your family.


Using a combination of coaching & mentoring practices, I help you to reap the benefits of strengthening and tapping into your own inner wisdom whilst also offering you guidance around how to build new habits and mindsets that liberate you from the negative cycle of grief and despair that so often accompanies infertility.


Drawing on a variety of tools and techniques founded in ancient wisdom and modern psychology, I'll support you with adopting powerful changes that enable your life to blossom once again, irrespective of where you’re at on your path to parenthood.


Coaching + mentoring 

My coaching & mentoring programs are for any woman who is struggling to become a mother.  Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally, undergoing IVF, dealing with pregnancy loss or walking the path of egg donation and/or surrogacy. 


I’ve experienced all of this and more so I truly understand your anguish.

I offer a tailored process that explores where you’re at now, where you want to be and how you want to feel, what your biggest challenges are and how you can move forward.

All of this from someone who not only has the expertise and experience, but who has also walked in your shoes.

Can you relate?

You’re feeling isolated and alone, overwhelmed by grief and anxiety

You’re fearful of making the ‘wrong’ decision, unclear about how to move forward


You feel like a failure as a woman, blaming yourself and your body for your situation


You’re struggling to let go and open to an alternative way to create your family (whether it be IVF, egg donation or surrogacy), which is keeping you stuck in a negative cycle

You’ve read the books, the done the diets, seen the practitioners and listened to the podcasts, not to mention all the countless hours you’ve spent researching online.


Maybe you’ve managed to prop yourself up in the short term, only to find that, as strong and resilient as you used to be, you end up spiralling back into grief and despair. 


You feel time slipping away and you’re struggling to come to terms with how you’ll keep going, with no clear end in sight.

But what if you could find a way to create real and lasting change on every level of your being – right now?
What if you could experience the joy you desire before holding your baby in your arms?
If you’ve been struggling on your own for too long, an Open to Life coaching & mentoring program can help you to…
  • Reduce feelings of grief, anxiety, stress and despair


  • Shift your habitual thought patterns from negative to positive


  • Learn and apply the strategies and skills to help you manage challenging experiences on your path to parenthood


  • Reduce the experience of isolation and the need to go it ‘go it alone’


  • Heal your relationship with yourself and your body


  • Make difficult decisions about how to move forward with confidence (including treatment options and whether to explore egg donation or surrogacy)


  • Build a path that takes you from childlessness to motherhood, whatever that path might look like for you


  • Reclaim a life lived from your heart and your feminine wisdom

Meet your guide and mentor

Sarah is the founder of Open to Life and the Director of Flourish Consulting for over 10 years. She is a highly sought-after coach, facilitator, speaker, yoga teacher, meditation guide and writer.


For the past two decades, Sarah has been fulfilling her passion of supporting individuals to elevate their lives in such a way that they experience true and lasting fulfilment.


Her mission is to guide women struggling on the path to motherhood through the process of transmuting the pain, struggle and fear associated with their journeys to make way for joy and equanimity, even in the midst of crisis.


+ mentor

Through her popular online programs, her 1:1 coaching and mentoring offerings, spiritual immersion retreats, speaking engagements as well as her Open to Life community, Sarah shares her natural gift for demystifying what can be an overwhelming process of unravelling on the path to parenthood. She supports women as they learn to surrender and open to the wisdom of their own knowing and realign their lives to their heart centre, allowing them to blossom and thrive despite whatever challenges they may be facing.

For over 20 years, Sarah has been devoted to studying and teaching Eastern philosophies and integrates this ancient knowledge with leading-edge theory aligned with Western psychology, neuroscience and nervous system health. This combination enables the women she works with to bring about powerful and meaningful change in their lives.

An ICF accredited coach, a certified yoga teacher as well as a qualified meditation teacher since 2004, Sarah has also undertaken formal training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Ego State Therapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. 

Through my coaching & mentoring programs, we’ll explore…
  • How to establish a tailored, nourishing wellbeing routine that can be easily integrated into your current lifestyle. We’ll delve into sacred practices such as yoga, meditation, breathing, mindfulness, ritual, movement and so much more

  • Simple but powerful techniques that are proven to reduce anxiety by showing you how to calm and recalibrate your nervous system 

  • Evidence-based approaches to integrating and transcending grief, pain and suffering, regardless of your circumstances

  • A neuroscience-based approach to changing negative thought patterns to bring about permanent shifts in your mindset

  • Fully embodied approaches that will transform your relationship with yourself and your life (strategies that extend far beyond mental approaches such as ‘thinking more positively’)

  • Mindfulness tools that will shift you from thought identification to self-connection to cultivate joy and contentment

  • An embodied, wisdom-based approach to crossing the bridge from control to surrender so you can move forward from alignment and flow

  • Proven decision-making frameworks that will enable you to make decisions from a place of wisdom and insight rather than fear and emotion 


My coaching & mentoring programs are for any woman who is tired of going it alone and wants the support of someone who is compassionate, experienced and professional. 


Someone who has the expertise to support you but who has also walked in your shoes and truly understands the path back to feeling positive and empowered in the midst of a challenging path to motherhood.


Every coaching program is different and is personally tailored to your individual needs and the circumstances and challenges you find yourself facing.  Regardless of what your path has been or where you’re at right now, how much of yourself have you lost in the process? How can we reclaim and support this part of you so you know you’ll be OK, whatever the path ahead looks like?


My coaching & mentoring  approach

Through coaching & mentoring, I’ll help you to uncover the unhelpful thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are adding to the pain of your fertility challenges and support you with carving a path to back to your centre.


I take a whole-person approach and all the modalities we will explore together are researched and evidence-based. Some of these include mindfulness, meditation, cognitive-therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, ego state therapy, positive psychology, neuroscience & nervous system health. All of this is underpinned be ancient philosophies including yogic philosophy, Buddhist psychology and Taoism.


Central to my approach is the process of helping you to slow down, still your mind, tune into your whole being and explore avenues that will enable you to alter the way that you relate to difficult thoughts, emotions and experiences.


I work holistically to assist you with building the mindset, the emotional toolkit, the new behaviours and the life skills necessary to navigate challenges on your path to parenthood.


Together, we’ll create the breathing space and perspective you need to elevate your life, irrespective of where you find yourself on your path.