Supporting you on your journey to motherhood, however your path unfolds.

Hi, I’m Sarah Reece
I’m so glad you found your way here.

Whether you’re experiencing infertility, IVF or pregnancy loss, or maybe you’re on the path of egg donation or surrogacy, the ongoing challenges you face and the heartache of not being able to have a baby can be devastating.
You’re yearning for a way to move forward with more grace and ease but you don’t have access to the knowledge, skills and support to be able to do so.


If you’re like I was during my 10-year struggle to have a baby, you’re feeling overwhelmed by grief and pain. You’re longing to overcome the sense of isolation and you’re tired of the inertia of being unable to make decisions and move forward with clarity and confidence. You’re struggling to function in most areas of your life.


Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to let go of your current path to motherhood that is no longer working for you and open yourself up to the possibilities of an alternative path forward. You’ve lost yourself in the process of trying to have a baby and don’t know how to feel like yourself again


You're not alone. These are all very normal human responses to a life crisis as challenging as struggling to have a baby. I know, because I experienced all of this myself.


The problem is that most of us are not taught the life skills we need to navigate an experience as painful as infertility. We’re conditioned to believe that we need to be stronger, to soldier our way through the pain of infertility. 


But the truth is that you have all the wisdom and tools within you to find inner peace. You just need to be shown how to use them.

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”



Through wisdom teachings and embodied practices, I will guide you through a soulful journey home to the refuge of your own centre, giving you the tools, the grace and the wisdom you need to walk your path towards motherhood, however your path unfolds. 
Drawing on my experience from my own 10-year struggle to become a mother along with my 20+ years of professional expertise in teaching, guiding and supporting others, I’ll combine a unique blend of ancient wisdom with modern, evidence-based psychology to support you on your path.
I want you to know that, regardless of where you’re at in your quest to have a baby, it is possible to find your way through the pain and anguish; to reclaim your life so you can feel happy and whole again.

Open to Life’s recipe for success is all in our approach...


Grounded in 20+ years of experience with teaching, guiding and supporting others.


Founded on principles of modern psychology that are leading-edge and evidence-based.


Based on direct personal experience from my 10-year journey to become a mother.


Draws on the wisdom and potency of Eastern philosophies and associated practices.

Step off the rollercoaster

Take a break from the frenzy of trying to force outcomes.


Find your way home to the peace & wisdom of your own inner being so you can move forward on your journey to motherhood with grace and ease.


Supporting you on your journey