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Team Building

Open to Life Consultancy has extensive international experience with multinational corporations as well as small businesses. Our focus: people. Our unique Team Breakthrough Retreat builds authentic relationships, renews trust, focuses priorities & strategic issues (& is fun). It invites teams to "go out of the box" in envisioning their future & clarifying values to grow by. It is a much-praised program.

" Under your guidance our management team vastly improves our personal and working relationships. You have the sharpest intuitive insights I have ever experienced. Thank you for your magnificent contribution. Each year we are impressed by the way you guide us through difficult subjects. We are deeply reconnected as colleagues. I wouldn't be surprised to find your overburdened by requests. You add so much to the effectiveness of a management team!"

Mr. Izaak van Melle
Retired President and CEO
Van Melle International
Breda, The Netherlands

"I want to let you know how much I deeply appreciated the work you did for Deloitte Consulting Tri-State Office just after the Sept. 11th attack on the World Trade Center. My role was to coordinate the recovery and reconnection for the 850 consulting and support employees. With your leadership and support we were able to respond within days to the crisis. You provided extraordinary clarity to the whole issue in your workshops and one-to-one counseling with our most upset staff. The staff reviews of your sessions were overwhelmingly positive. You made a dramatic impact on many of our staff and a big difference in their recovery process."

Mr. Bruce Rogol
Senior Manager
Deloitte Consulting
New York, NY

"The Team Retreat was invaluable...We came out with a better understanding and respect for each other. ...One particular feature of our team is that we have 3 Polish and 3 Dutch team members, which has its consequences on how we work, interact and communicate. You addressed this delicately, yet effectively. Your work provided us with some challenging, but clear guidelines on how to develop our team. It was quite an eye-opener...a truly great learning and growing to experience. We had a lot of fun, too! If ever anyone asks you for a reference, please send them straight me."

Mr. Martin LaCroix
General Manager

"We hired Open To Life to facilitate our team retreat in this most challenging of environments-two firms of eleven people in three offices 3,000 miles apart trying to merge. The retreat exceeded our (already lofty) expectations by bringing all of us into a shared vision of what this company could be, bringing delicate communications and personality differences to the surface in a safe and effective way, and holding us accountable to follow up on the hundreds of to-do's generated. I was amazed at Carolyn's ability to flexibly move from hard-core business consultant to the emotionally gifted counselor within seconds of each other - always responding to what the organization needed in a given moment. She will not kowtow to upper management. She will not be bullied by employees who've gotten their way for too long. She serves the group's highest ideals by constantly challenging assumptions and forcing us to do the inner work of growing to fill bigger boots in our lives and in our company."

Mr. Brent Kessel
President and CEO
Abacus Wealth Management
San Diego, CA

For more information,
or call: 1-315-682-3682.